ホーム長編緋色の研究四つの署名バスカヴィル家の犬恐怖の谷短編シャーロック・ホームズの冒険シャーロック・ホームズの回想シャーロック・ホームズの帰還最後の挨拶 シャーロック・ホームズの事件簿



SHORTLY after my marriage I had bought a connection in the Paddington district. Old Mr. Farquhar, from whom I purchased it, had at one time an excellent general practice; but his age, and an affliction of the nature of St. Vitus’s dance from which he suffered, had very much thinned it. The public not unnaturally goes on the principle that he who would heal others must himself be whole, and looks askance at the curative powers of the man whose own case is beyond the reach of his drugs. Thus as my predecessor weakened his practice declined, until when I purchased it from him it had sunk from twelve hundred to little more than three hundred a year. I had confidence, however, in my own youth and energy and was convinced that in a very few years the concern would be as flourishing as ever.

私が結婚してから間もない頃 / パディントン地区にある病院を買った高齢のファークワー氏は / 彼から私は買ったのだが / かつては名高い一般診療医師だったが / 寄る年波と / 彼が罹っていたシデナム舞踏病に由来する苦痛が / 患者を非常に減らしていた一般の人々がこういう原理で判断するのは無理なからぬところである / 他人を治療しようとするものは自分自身が健康でなければならないという / そしてその医者の治療の腕を疑問の目で見る / 自分の薬でも自分の治療が出来ないとこのようにして私の先人の開業実績が傾いてきた / 私が彼から買った時には / 年1200ポンドから300ポンド少しにまで落ち込んでいたしかし私には自信があった / 自分の若さと活力に / そして確信していた / ごく短期間で、かつてのように医業を繁盛させられると

For three months after taking over the practice I was kept very closely at work and saw little of my friend Sherlock Holmes, for I was too busy to visit Baker Street, and he seldom went anywhere himself save upon professional business. I was surprised, therefore, when, one morning in June, as I sat reading the British Medical Journal after breakfast, I heard a ring at the bell, followed by the high, somewhat strident tones of my old companion’s voice.

医院を買い取って三ヶ月間 / 私はずっと仕事に没頭し / シャーロックホームズとはほとんど会わなかった / ベーカー街に足を向けるには忙しすぎたので / そして彼はほとんどどこへも出かけなかった / 仕事以外ではそのため私は驚いた / 六月のある朝 / 私が朝食の後、ブリティッシュ・メディカル・ジャーナルを座って読んでいると / ベルが鳴るのが聞こえた / その後に甲高いちょっと耳障りなホームズの声が続いた

“Ah, my dear Watson,” said he, striding into the room, “I am very delighted to see you! I trust that Mrs. Watson has entirely recovered from all the little excitements connected with our adventure of the Sign of Four.”

「やあ / ワトソン」 / 彼は言った / 部屋につかつかと入ってきて / 「会えて嬉しいよ / ワトソン夫人は完全に回復したようだね / 我々の四つの署名の冒険に関する騒動から」

“Thank you, we are both very well,” said I, shaking him warmly by the hand.

「ありがとう / 二人ともうまくやってるよ」 / 私は言った / 握手した手を暖かく振って

“And I hope, also,” he continued, sitting down in the rocking-chair, “that the cares of medical practice have not entirely obliterated the interest which you used to take in our little deductive problems.”

「もちろん希望している」 / 彼は続けた / 安楽椅子に腰を降ろして / 「医業への注力が / 完全に興味を奪い去っていないことを / かつてよく受け入れていた推理の問題に対する」

“On the contrary,” I answered, “it was only last night that I was looking over my old notes, and classifying some of our past results.”

「それどころか」 / 私は答えた / 「つい昨日の晩も / 私は古い記録を調べていた / そして過去の結果のいくつかを分類していた」

“I trust that you don’t consider your collection closed.”


“Not at all. I should wish nothing better than to have some more of such experiences.”



“To-day, for example?”


“Yes, to-day, if you like.”

「構わんよ、今日でも / それがいいのなら」

“And as far off as Birmingham?”


“Certainly, if you wish it.”

「もちろんだ / 君がそう望むなら」

“And the practice?”


“I do my neighbour’s when he goes. He is always ready to work off the debt.”


“Ha! nothing could be better,” said Holmes, leaning back in his chair and looking keenly at me from under his half-closed lids. “I perceive that you have been unwell lately. Summer colds are always a little trying.”

「ハ! / これ以上は望みようがないな」 / ホームズは言った / 椅子にもたれかかって / 半分閉じた瞼の間から鋭く私を見て「最近調子が良くなかったと見える夏の風邪は何時でもちょっとこたえるね」

“I was confined to the house by a severe chill for three days last week. I thought, however, that I had cast off every trace of it.”


“So you have. You look remarkably robust.”


“How, then, did you know of it?”


“My dear fellow, you know my methods.”


“You deduced it, then?”




“And from what?”


“From your slippers.”


I glanced down at the new patent-leathers which I was wearing. “How on earth– –” I began, but Holmes answered my question before it was asked.

私は自分が履いていた新しいエナメル靴を見下ろした「いったい、」 / 私は話し出した / しかし私が尋ねる前に私の疑問にホームズが答えた

“Your slippers are new,” he said. “You could not have had them more than a few weeks. The soles which you are at this moment presenting to me are slightly scorched. For a moment I thought they might have got wet and been burned in the drying. But near the instep there is a small circular wafer of paper with the shopman’s hieroglyphics upon it. Damp would of course have removed this. You had, then, been sitting with your feet outstretched to the fire, which a man would hardly do even in so wet a June as this if he were in his full health.”

「君の室内履きは新しい」 / 彼は言った「二週間も履いていないだろう今、この瞬間僕の方を向いている靴底は / ちょっと焦げ目がついている一瞬 / それは濡れて乾かす時に付いたのかと思ったがしかし甲の近くに / 小さな丸い紙があり / 店員の読みにくい字が書いてある濡れたらもちろん剥がれていたはずだそこで君は / 足を暖炉に向けて座っていた / 今のような天気の悪い六月でもそんな事はまずしない / もし完全に健康な男なら」

Like all Holmes’s reasoning the thing seemed simplicity itself when it was once explained. He read the thought upon my features, and his smile had a tinge of bitterness.

いつものホームズの推理と同じく / いったん説明されると物事は単純この上なく思えた彼は私の表情からそれを読取り / 彼の笑みに苦笑の色が浮かんだ

“I am afraid that I rather give myself away when I explain,” said he. “Results without causes are much more impressive. You are ready to come to Birmingham, then?”

「説明する時に僕はちょっと手の内を明かしすぎかと心配するね」 / 彼は言った「理由を言わずに結論を言えばもっと印象的だではバーミンガムに行く準備はできているか?」

“Certainly. What is the case?”


“You shall hear it all in the train. My client is outside in a four-wheeler. Can you come at once?”


“In an instant.” I scribbled a note to my neighbour, rushed upstairs to explain the matter to my wife, and joined Holmes upon the doorstep.

「すぐに行く」 / 私は隣の医者にメモを書き / 上に駆け上がって妻に事情を説明し / 戸口でホームズと落ち合った

“Your neighbour is a doctor,” said he, nodding at the brass plate.

「隣も医者なんだね」 / 彼は言った / 真鍮の看板へ目をやって

“Yes, he bought a practice as I did.”

「そうだ / 僕と同様、医院を買った」

“An old-established one?”


“Just the same as mine. Both have been ever since the houses were built.”


“Ah! then you got hold of the best of the two.”

「ああ! / じゃあ君はいい方を確保したな」

“I think I did. But how do you know?”


“By the steps, my boy. Yours are worn three inches deeper than his. But this gentleman in the cab is my client, Mr. Hall Pycroft. Allow me to introduce you to him. Whip your horse up, cabby, for we have only just time to catch our train.”

「階段からだ君の方が三インチほど彼の方より磨り減っているしかし辻馬車のあの男性が依頼人のホール・パイクロフトさんだ彼に君を紹介させてくれ運ちゃん、急いでくれ / 列車の時間にぎりぎりだ」