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“That can be done in a very few words, Mr. Holmes. The letter for it was a letter from a foreign potentate was received six days ago. It was of such importance that I have never left it in my safe, but I have taken it across each evening to my house in Whitehall Terrace, and kept it in my bedroom in a locked despatch-box. It was there last night. Of that I am certain. I actually opened the box while I was dressing for dinner and saw the document inside. This morning it was gone. The despatch-box had stood beside the glass upon my dressing-table all night. I am a light sleeper, and so is my wife. We are both prepared to swear that no one could have entered the room during the night. And yet I repeat that the paper is gone.”

「その説明はすぐに済みます / ホームズさん手紙が / / それはある外国の君主から送られた手紙です / / 六日前に届きましたそれは非常に重要だったので / 金庫に置いてはおけませんでした / だから私はホワイトホール・テラスの自宅に毎晩持ち帰り / 寝室の鍵付き書類箱の中に保管していました昨夜はそこにありましたそれは間違いありません私は実際に箱を開きました / 私が夕食に着替えをしている時に / そして文書が中にあるのを見ました今朝、それが無くなっていました書類箱は鏡台の鏡の側に一晩中置いていました私は眠りが浅く / 妻もそうです私達は二人とも断言できます / 夜の間には誰も部屋に入ることが出来なかったとそれなのに、繰り返しになりますが、書類が消えたのです」

“What time did you dine?”


“Half-past seven.”


“How long was it before you went to bed?”


“My wife had gone to the theatre. I waited up for her. It was half-past eleven before we went to our room.”


“Then for four hours the despatch-box had lain unguarded?”


“No one is ever permitted to enter that room save the house-maid in the morning, and my valet, or my wife’s maid, during the rest of the day. They are both trusty servants who have been with us for some time. Besides, neither of them could possibly have known that there was anything more valuable than the ordinary departmental papers in my despatch-box.”

「誰もその部屋に入ることは許可されていません / 午前中に家政婦が入る以外 / それと私の従者に / 妻のメイドです / 他の時間は彼らは二人とも長い間私達と一緒にいて信用できる使用人ですそれに / どちらもまず知ることはできませんでした / 通常の省文書よりもっと重要なものがあることを / 私の書類箱の中に」

“Who did know of the existence of that letter?”


“No one in the house.”


“Surely your wife knew?”


“No, sir. I had said nothing to my wife until I missed the paper this morning.”

「いいえ私は妻には何も言っていませんでした / 今朝書類が無くなるまで」

The Premier nodded approvingly.


“I have long known, sir, how high is your sense of public duty,” said he. “I am convinced that in the case of a secret of this importance it would rise superior to the most intimate domestic ties.”

「私は長い間知っている / 彼の公人として自覚の高さを」 / 彼は言った「私は確信している / これほど大事な機密であれば / どんなに親しい家族の絆にも勝るだろうということを」

The European Secretary bowed.


“You do me no more than justice, sir. Until this morning I have never breathed one word to my wife upon this matter.”

「それ以上の評価はありません 今朝まで / 私はこの件について一言も妻には漏らしていません」

“Could she have guessed?”


“No, Mr. Holmes, she could not have guessed nor could anyone have guessed.”

「いいえ / ホームズさん / 妻は気付くことはできません / / 誰も気付く事はできませんでした」

“Have you lost any documents before?”


“No, sir.”


“Who is there in England who did know of the existence of this letter?”


“Each member of the Cabinet was informed of it yesterday, but the pledge of secrecy which attends every Cabinet meeting was increased by the solemn warning which was given by the Prime Minister. Good heavens, to think that within a few hours I should myself have lost it!” His handsome face was distorted with a spasm of despair, and his hands tore at his hair. For a moment we caught a glimpse of the natural man, impulsive, ardent, keenly sensitive. The next the aristocratic mask was replaced, and the gentle voice had returned. “Besides the members of the Cabinet there are two, or possibly three, departmental officials who know of the letter. No one else in England, Mr. Holmes, I assure you.”

「閣僚には昨夜連絡しました / 閣議の内容は秘密を守る誓約がありますが / 首相が強く警告をしたのでそれは余計に強化されていますああ、なんと / 数時間と経たないうちに私自身がそれを紛失したと思うと!」 / 彼の整った顔は絶望の発作に歪んだ / そして両手で髪をかきむしった一瞬我々はその男の自然の姿を垣間見た / 衝動的で、情熱的で、非常に繊細な次の瞬間 / 貴族的な仮面が取って代わり / 穏やかな口調に戻った「閣僚以外には / 二人 / もしかすると三人います / 局の高官に手紙の事を知っているのがイギリスには他にいません / ホームズさん / 保証します」

“But abroad?”


“I believe that no one abroad has seen it save the man who wrote it. I am well convinced that his Ministers – that the usual official channels have not been employed.”

「外国には誰もそれを見たものはいないと信じています / それを書いた人間以外には私は確信を持っています / 大使が - それは通常の公式ルートですが / 係わっていなかったと」

Holmes considered for some little time.


“Now, sir, I must ask you more particularly what this document is, and why its disappearance should have such momentous consequences?”

「ここで / 私はこの文書の性質についてもっと詳しく伺わなければなりません / そしてなぜその紛失がそんなに由々しき事態をもたらすことになるのか?」

The two statesmen exchanged a quick glance and the Premier’s shaggy eyebrows gathered in a frown.

二人の政治家はさっと目を見交わし / 首相のふさふさした眉毛が寄せられた