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Chapter 14




ONE of Sherlock Holmes’s defects if, indeed, one may call it a defect was that he was exceedingly loath to communicate his full plans to any other person until the instant of their fulfilment. Partly it came no doubt from his own masterful nature, which loved to dominate and surprise those who were around him. Partly also from his professional caution, which urged him never to take any chances. The result, however, was very trying for those who were acting as his agents and assistants. I had often suffered under it, but never more so than during that long drive in the darkness. The great ordeal was in front of us; at last we were about to make our final effort, and yet Holmes had said nothing, and I could only surmise what his course of action would be. My nerves thrilled with anticipation when at last the cold wind upon our faces and the dark, void spaces on either side of the narrow road told me that we were back upon the moor once again. Every stride of the horses and every turn of the wheels was taking us nearer to our supreme adventure.

シャーロックホームズの欠点の一つは / / もし実際 / 欠点と呼んでいいのなら / / 彼の計画全体を打ち明けるのを極端に嫌うことだ / それらが達成される瞬間まで他の人間に部分的にはそれは間違いなく彼の横柄な性格によるものだ / 優位に立って驚かすことを愛する / 彼の周りにいる人間をまた部分的には彼の職業上の用心から来ている / あらゆる危険を冒さないように掻き立てるしかしその結果は / 彼の代理人や助手として働いている人間にはかなり辛いものだ私はしばしばそれを耐え忍んできた / しかしこの暗闇の中の長い移動の間ほどでは決してなかった重大な試練が我々の前にあった / ついに我々は最後の努力をしようとしている / それなのにホームズは何も言わなかった / そして私は彼の行動が何かを推測することしか出来なかった私の神経は予期でゾクゾクしていた / ついに / 冷たい風が我々の顔に吹き付け / 狭い道の両側の暗い何もない空間が / 私に荒野へもう一度戻ってきた事を告げた時馬の一歩一歩、車輪の一回転が / 我々を最後の冒険の近くへと連れて行っていた

Our conversation was hampered by the presence of the driver of the hired wagonette, so that we were forced to talk of trivial matters when our nerves were tense with emotion and anticipation. It was a relief to me, after that unnatural restraint, when we at last passed Frankland’s house and knew that we were drawing near to the Hall and to the scene of action. We did not drive up to the door but got down near the gate of the avenue. The wagonette was paid off and ordered to return to Coombe Tracey forthwith, while we started to walk to Merripit House.

我々の話は邪魔された / 雇い入れた御者の存在によって / 我々はつまらない話を余儀なくされた / 興奮と予期に神経が張り詰めている時に私はほっとした / 不自然な抑制の後 / 我々が遂にフランクランドの家を過ぎ / 我々が館と活動の舞台に近づいていると分かった時我々は戸口には乗り付けず / 並木道の門の近くで降りた馬車に支払をし / クーム・トレーシーに直ちに帰るように命じた / 我々がメリピット・ハウスに歩き出す間に

“Are you armed, Lestrade?”

「武器を持っているか / レストレード?」

The little detective smiled.


“As long as I have my trousers I have a hip-pocket, and as long as I have my hip-pocket I have something in it.”

「私がズボンをはいている以上尻ポケットがあり / 尻ポケットがある以上 / そこには何か入ってます」

“Good! My friend and I are also ready for emergencies.”

「結構! / ワトソンと私も緊急事態に備えて持っている」

“You’re mighty close about this affair, Mr. Holmes. What’s the game now?”

「本当にこの事件に迫っているようですね / ホームズさん一体これからどうするんですか?」

“A waiting game.”


“My word, it does not seem a very cheerful place,” said the detective with a shiver, glancing round him at the gloomy slopes of the hill and at the huge lake of fog which lay over the Grimpen Mire. “I see the lights of a house ahead of us.”

「これはまた / あまり気持ちのいい場所には見えませんね」 / 警部は身震いをして言った / 薄暗い丘の斜面であたりを見回して / グリンペン沼の上にかかる霧の塊を見て「前に家の光が見えますね」

“That is Merripit House and the end of our journey. I must request you to walk on tiptoe and not to talk above a whisper.”


We moved cautiously along the track as if we were bound for the house, but Holmes halted us when we were about two hundred yards from it.

私達は家に向かっているかのように慎重に道を歩いた / しかしホームズは我々を止めた / 我々が後200ヤードの所まで来た時

“This will do,” said he. “These rocks upon the right make an admirable screen.”

「ここでいい」 / 彼は言った「右手の岩がいい隠れ場所になる」

“We are to wait here?”


“Yes, we shall make our little ambush here. Get into this hollow, Lestrade. You have been inside the house, have you not, Watson? Can you tell the position of the rooms? What are those latticed windows at this end?”

「そうだ / ここで待ち伏せをするその窪地に入ってくれ / レストレード君は家の中に入った事があったな、ワトソン / 部屋の構成を教えてくれないか? / あの端の格子がある窓は何だ?」

“I think they are the kitchen windows.”


“And the one beyond, which shines so brightly?”

「その一つ向こうの / 非常に明るく輝いているのは?」

“That is certainly the dining-room.”


“The blinds are up. You know the lie of the land best. Creep forward quietly and see what they are doing but for heaven’s sake don’t let them know that they are watched!”

「ブラインドは上がっている君が一番地勢に詳しい静かに前に這い寄って何をしているか見てきてくれ / / しかし絶対に彼らが見張られていると知られないようにな!」

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