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We had a small scene this morning after breakfast. Barrymore asked leave to speak with Sir Henry, and they were closeted in his study some little time. Sitting in the billiard-room I more than once heard the sound of voices raised, and I had a pretty good idea what the point was which was under discussion. After a time the baronet opened his door and called for me.

我々はこの朝、朝食の後でちょっとした出来事があったバリモアがサー・ヘンリーと話がしたいと申し出て / 彼らはしばらく書斎にこもっていたビリヤード室に座っていて / 私は一度ならず声が荒くなるのを聞いた / そして私は非常によく分かった / 彼らが話し合っている要点が何かしばらくして準男爵が扉を開けて私を呼んだ

“Barrymore considers that he has a grievance,” he said. “He thinks that it was unfair on our part to hunt his brother-in-law down when he, of his own free will, had told us the secret.”

「バリモアは不満があると言っている」 / 彼は言った「彼は不公平だと考えている / 彼の義理の弟を追跡したのは / 彼が自発的に私達に秘密を明かした時に」


The butler was standing very pale but very collected before us.


“I may have spoken too warmly, sir,” said he, “and if I have, I am sure that I beg your pardon. At the same time, I was very much surprised when I heard you two gentlemen come back this morning and learned that you had been chasing Selden. The poor fellow has enough to fight against without my putting more upon his track.”

「ちょっと言葉が過ぎました」 / 彼は言った / 「もしそうだとすれば / お許しいただきたいと思いますしかし同時に / 私は非常に驚きました / あなた方紳士二人が今朝戻ってきたと聞いて / あなた方がセルデンを追いかけたと知った時あの哀れな男は十分に耐えています / 私がこれ以上大変な思いをさせなくても」

“If you had told us of your own free will it would have been a different thing,” said the baronet, “you only told us, or rather your wife only told us, when it was forced from you and you could not help yourself.”

「もしお前が自分の意志で話してくれていたら / また違ったことになっただろうが」 / 準男爵は言った / 「お前は私達にただ言っただけだ / というよりお前の妻が話しただけだ / お前から強要された時 / そしてお前がどうにもならなくなったとき」 

“I didn’t think you would have taken advantage of it, Sir Henry indeed I didn’t.”

「私はあなた方がそれを利用するとは思っていなかったのです / サー・ヘンリー / / 本当に」

“The man is a public danger. There are lonely houses scattered over the moor, and he is a fellow who would stick at nothing. You only want to get a glimpse of his face to see that. Look at Mr. Stapleton’s house, for example, with no one but himself to defend it. There’s no safety for anyone until he is under lock and key.”

「あの男は社会の危険要素なのだ荒野には寂しい家が点在している / そして彼はどんな事でもやりかねない人間だ彼の顔をちょっと見ただけですぐにそれが分かるステイプルトンさんの家を見てみろ / 例えば / 彼自身以外に防ぐものはいない彼が収容所に入るまで誰にとっても安全はない」

“He’ll break into no house, sir. I give you my solemn word upon that. But he will never trouble anyone in this country again. I assure you, Sir Henry, that in a very few days the necessary arrangements will have been made and he will be on his way to South America. For God’s sake, sir, I beg of you not to let the police know that he is still on the moor. They have given up the chase there, and he can lie quiet until the ship is ready for him. You can’t tell on him without getting my wife and me into trouble. I beg you, sir, to say nothing to the police.”

「彼は家に押し入ったりはしませんこれは私が厳粛に誓えます彼はこの国で再び誰かに迷惑をかけることはないでしょう保証します / サー・ヘンリー / ほんの数日で / 必要な用意が整い / 彼は南アメリカに行く事になりますお願いです / 警察には知らせないようにしてください / 彼がまだ荒野にいることを警察はそこでの捜査をやめています / だから彼は船の準備が出来るまで静かにいることができます旦那様が彼の事を言えば / 家内と私に必ず災難が及びますお願いです / 警察には何も言わないで下さい」

“What do you say, Watson?”

「君はどう思う / ワトソン?」

I shrugged my shoulders. “If he were safely out of the country it would relieve the tax-payer of a burden.”

私は肩をすぼめた「もし彼が無事にこの国から出て行くなら / 納税者の負担が減るだろうね」

“But how about the chance of his holding someone up before he goes?”


“He would not do anything so mad, sir. We have provided him with all that he can want. To commit a crime would be to show where he was hiding.”


“That is true,” said Sir Henry. “Well, Barrymore– –”

「それはそうだな」 / サー・ヘンリーは言った「よい / バリモア…」

“God bless you, sir, and thank you from my heart! It would have killed my poor wife had he been taken again.”

「ありがとうございます、旦那様 / 心からお礼を申し上げます / もし彼がもう一度捕まっていたら妻は死んでいたでしょう」

“I guess we are aiding and abetting a felony, Watson? But, after what we have heard, I don’t feel as if I could give the man up, so there is an end of it. All right, Barrymore, you can go.”

「我々は重罪を幇助していると思うが / ワトソン? / しかし / 話を聞いた後では / 彼を引き渡す気にはなれない / だからこれで終わりだよし / バリモア / 行っていい」

With a few broken words of gratitude the man turned, but he hesitated and then came back.

幾つか感謝の言葉を言うと / 彼は振り返った / しかし彼は躊躇して戻ってきた