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Chapter 9






Baskerville Hall, Oct. 15th.

バスカヴィル館 10月15日



If I was compelled to leave you without much news during the early days of my mission you must acknowledge that I am making up for lost time, and that events are now crowding thick and fast upon us. In my last report I ended upon my top note with Barrymore at the window, and now I have quite a budget already which will, unless I am much mistaken, considerably surprise you. Things have taken a turn which I could not have anticipated. In some ways they have within the last forty-eight hours become much clearer and in some ways they have become more complicated. But I will tell you all and you shall judge for yourself.

私がやむなく君にたいしたニュースを届けられなかったとしても / 私の任務の最初の頃に / 君は私がその期間の埋め合わせをしていることを正しく評価すべきだ / そして事件は我々のもとに次々と集まって来て急速に動き始めた最後の報告は / バリモアが窓辺に居たという緊迫した場面で終わった / そして今私は既に相当な情報を得た / 大きく間違っていないならそれは君を非常に驚かすだろう事態は私が予期できなかった方向に展開したある意味で / この48時間でもっと明確になったが / 別の意味で / さらに込み入ってきたしかし君に全て話すので君自身が判断するだろう

Before breakfast on the morning following my adventure I went down the corridor and examined the room in which Barrymore had been on the night before. The western window through which he had stared so intently has, I noticed, one peculiarity above all other windows in the house it commands the nearest outlook on to the moor. There is an opening between two trees which enables one from this point of view to look right down upon it, while from all the other windows it is only a distant glimpse which can be obtained. It follows, therefore, that Barrymore, since only this window would serve the purpose, must have been looking out for something or somebody upon the moor. The night was very dark, so that I can hardly imagine how he could have hoped to see anyone. It had struck me that it was possible that some love intrigue was on foot. That would have accounted for his stealthy movements and also for the uneasiness of his wife. The man is a striking-looking fellow, very well equipped to steal the heart of a country girl, so that this theory seemed to have something to support it. That opening of the door which I had heard after I had returned to my room might mean that he had gone out to keep some clandestine appointment. So I reasoned with myself in the morning, and I tell you the direction of my suspicions, however much the result may have shown that they were unfounded.

あの出来事の次の日の朝食の前に / 私は廊下を歩いていって部屋を調べた / 昨夜バリモアがいた彼があそこまで熱心に見つめていた西の窓は / 私は気づいた / 家にある他の窓と比べて一つの特徴があった / / そこからは荒野の一番近い部分が見張らせる二本の木の間に隙間があり / この地点から真っ直ぐに荒野を見通す事を可能にしている / 他の窓はすべて / ただ遠くを覗き見ることができるだけだしたがってこうなる / バリモアは / ただこの窓だけがその目的にかなうので / 荒野の何か、または誰かを見ていたに違いないその夜は非常に暗かった / したがって私はほとんど想像できなかった / 彼がどのように誰かを見る事が出来ると思ったか僕は思いついた / 何か女性問題が進行中ということがありうるとこれは彼のこそこそした動きに合致するし / 彼の妻の不安も説明がつくこの男は印象的な風貌の人物だ / 田舎娘の心を掴むには十分だ / したがってこの理論はなかなか根拠があるように見える扉が開いたのは / 私が自分の部屋に戻った後に聞いた / もしかすると彼が何か人目をはばかる約束を守るために出かけたということかもしれない朝、私はそのように自分を納得させていた / そして私の疑惑の方向を言っておく / 結果的に、どれほどその疑念が根拠のないものだったかが判明したとしても。

But whatever the true explanation of Barrymore’s movements might be, I felt that the responsibility of keeping them to myself until I could explain them was more than I could bear. I had an interview with the baronet in his study after breakfast, and I told him all that I had seen. He was less surprised than I had expected.

しかしバリモアの行動の正しい説明がなんであろうとも / 私は感じていた / 私がそれを説明できるまで自分自身の胸に収めているという負担は / 私には耐えられないものだと私は朝食の後、彼の書斎で準男爵と話し合った / そして私は彼に見たことを全て話した彼は私が予想したほどには驚かなかった

“I knew that Barrymore walked about nights, and I had a mind to speak to him about it,” said he. “Two or three times I have heard his steps in the passage, coming and going, just about the hour you name.”

「バリモアが夜に歩き回っている事は知っていた / 私は彼にその事について話そうかと思ってた」 / 彼は言った「二、三度私は彼の足音を廊下で聞いた / 来て、去っていく / ちょうど君が言った時刻頃に」

“Perhaps then he pays a visit every night to that particular window,” I suggested.

「多分彼はあの特別な窓を毎夜訪れているんだろう」 / 私は言った

“Perhaps he does. If so, we should be able to shadow him and see what it is that he is after. I wonder what your friend Holmes would do if he were here.”

「おそらくそうだろうもしそうなら / 我々は彼の後をつけて彼が求めているものが何か確認できるだろうもし彼がここに居れば君の友人のホームズさんもそうしたのではないかと思うが」

“I believe that he would do exactly what you now suggest,” said I. “He would follow Barrymore and see what he did.”

「彼はまさに君が今言ったようにすると信じる」 / 私は言った「彼はバリモアをつけて何をしているか見ただろう」

“Then we shall do it together.”


“But surely he would hear us.”


“The man is rather deaf, and in any case we must take our chance of that. We’ll sit up in my room to-night and wait until he passes.” Sir Henry rubbed his hands with pleasure, and it was evident that he hailed the adventure as a relief to his somewhat quiet life upon the moor.

「あの男はちょっと耳が遠いんだ / どちらにしても思い切ってやってみるべきだ今夜私の部屋で寝ずにいて彼が通りがかるまで待とう」 / サー・ヘンリーは喜んで手をこすりあわせた / それは明らかだった / 彼がこの冒険を歓迎しているのは / ちょっと退屈な荒野の生活の息抜きとして