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Chapter 3




I CONFESS that at these words a shudder passed through me. There was a thrill in the doctor’s voice which showed that he was himself deeply moved by that which he told us. Holmes leaned forward in his excitement and his eyes had the hard, dry glitter which shot from them when he was keenly interested.

私はこれらの言葉を聞いて身震いが走ったことを白状する医師の声に震えがあった / これは彼自身が深く動揺していることを示していた / 彼が我々に話したことによってホームズは興奮して前に身を乗り出し / 彼の目には鋭い乾いたきらめきがあった / 彼が強い興味を持った時に表れる


“You saw this?”


“As clearly as I see you.”


“And you said nothing?”


“What was the use?”


“How was it that no one else saw it?”


“The marks were some twenty yards from the body and no one gave them a thought. I don’t suppose I should have done so had I not known this legend.”

「その跡は死体から約20ヤードほど離れていました / 誰も気にとめませんでした私も気づいたとは思いません / もしこの伝説を知らなかったら」

“There are many sheep-dogs on the moor?”


“No doubt, but this was no sheep-dog.”

「もちろん / しかしあれは牧羊犬ではありませんでした」

“You say it was large?”




“But it had not approached the body?”




“What sort of night was it?”


“Damp and raw.”


“But not actually raining?”




“What is the alley like?”


“There are two lines of old yew hedge, twelve feet high and impenetrable. The walk in the centre is about eight feet across.”

「イチイの古い生垣が二列あります / 高さは12フィートで通り抜けはできません真中の歩道は幅8フィートくらいです」

“Is there anything between the hedges and the walk?”


“Yes, there is a strip of grass about six feet broad on either side.”

「はい / 両側に6フィート幅の細長い草地があります」

“I understand that the yew hedge is penetrated at one point by a gate?”

「イチイの生垣は切断されてると聞きましたが / 一つの場所に門があって」

“Yes, the wicket-gate which leads on to the moor.”

「そうです / その小門は荒野に続いています」

“Is there any other opening?”




“So that to reach the yew alley one either has to come down it from the house or else to enter it by the moor-gate?”

「そうするとイチイの道に行くには / 館から歩いて降りていくか / または荒野に続く門から入るかのどちらかですか?」

“There is an exit through a summer-house at the far end.”


“Had Sir Charles reached this?”


“No; he lay about fifty yards from it.”

「いいえ / 15ヤードほど手前で倒れていました」

“Now, tell me, Dr. Mortimer and this is important the marks which you saw were on the path and not on the grass?”

「では / 教えてください / モーティマー先生 / / これは非常に重要です / / あなたが見た足跡は / 草の上ではなく道の上にありましたか?」

“No marks could show on the grass.”


“Were they on the same side of the path as the moor-gate?”


“Yes; they were on the edge of the path on the same side as the moor-gate.”

「そうです / それは道の端にありました / 荒野に出る門と同じ側の」

“You interest me exceedingly. Another point. Was the wicket-gate closed?”


“Closed and padlocked.”


“How high was it?”


“About four feet high.”


“Then anyone could have got over it?”




“And what marks did you see by the wicket-gate?”


“None in particular.”


“Good heaven! Did no one examine?”

「おやおや! / だれも調べなかったのですか?」

“Yes, I examined, myself.”

「いえ / 私が調べました」

“And found nothing?”


“It was all very confused. Sir Charles had evidently stood there for five or ten minutes.”


“How do you know that?”


“Because the ash had twice dropped from his cigar.”


“Excellent! This is a colleague, Watson, after our own heart. But the marks?”

「素晴らしい! / こちらは仲間だ / ワトソン / 我々と同じ精神のしかし足跡は?」

“He had left his own marks all over that small patch of gravel. I could discern no others.”


Sherlock Holmes struck his hand against his knee with an impatient gesture.

シャーロックホームズは膝に手を打ちつけた / もどかしそうな身振りで