“I dare say not, the leetle baggage! (「そうだろうな、あの子なら) Perhaps she did not vish to frighten you avay.” (多分娘はあんたが恐がって出て行くのを望まなかったんだろう」)

“Frighten!” (「恐がる!」) McMurdo was on fire in a moment. (マクマードは瞬間的にカッとなった)

“Ah, yes, (「ああ、そうだ) my friend! (相棒!) You need not be ashamed to be frightened of him. (彼を恐がったとしても恥ずかしがる必要はない) It is Teddy Baldwin.” (テディ・ボールドウィンだからな」)

“And who the devil is he?” (「いったいどんな野郎だ?」)

“He is a boss of Scowrers.” (「彼はスカウラーズの長だ」)

“Scowrers! (「スカウラーズ!) I’ve heard of them before. (それは前にも聞いたな) It’s Scowrers here and Scowrers there, (あちこちでスカウラーズを) and always in a whisper! (しかもいつも小声だ!) What are you all afraid of? (みんないったい何をビクビクしているんだ?) Who are the Scowrers?” (スカウラーズとは何者だ?」)

The boarding-house keeper instinctively sank his voice, (下宿屋の主人は本能的に声を殺した) as everyone did who talked about that terrible society. (この恐ろしい組織のことを話す時に誰もがするように) “The Scowrers,” (「スカウラーズとは」) said he, (彼は言った) “are the Eminent Order of Freemen!” (「卓越自由民団だ!」)

The young man stared. (青年は目を丸くした) “Why, (「なんと) I am a member of that order myself.” (俺もその民団の一員だ」)

“You! (「お前が!) I vould never have had you in my house if I had known it (もしそれを言っていたら、家には一歩も入れなかったのに) - not if you vere to pay me a hundred dollar a veek.” (もしお前が週百ドル払うとしてもだ」)

“What’s wrong with the order? (「民団の何が悪いんだ?) It’s for charity and good fellowship. (それは慈善と社交のためのものだ) The rules say so.” (規則にそう書いてある」)

“Maybe in some places. (「そういう所もあるかもしらんな) Not here!” (しかしここでは違う!」)

“What is it here?” (「ここでは何なんだ?」)

“It’s a murder society, (「殺人組織だ) that’s vat it is.” (そういうことだ」)

McMurdo laughed incredulously. (マクマードは信じられないと言う感じで笑った) “How can you prove that?” (「どんな証拠があるんだ?」) he asked. (彼は尋ねた)